Art in Nature 

Opera Bosco, an achievement in the heart of nature with the attention to not disturb it, has everything happens without trembling the earth and the three and everything is realized with natural material, so that the whole will be celebrated while awaiting its natural expire.
Anne Demijttenaere invented the methodology of the pursuit; in fact she is the first to operate on the place. But then she called to her several other artists that she leads with a militant pulse. The fight is soft and subtle but not for this less challenging. Meeting and comparing each one to the others. The works of art are weird and attractive and discourse with those already there sine years, these who have already learn to live in the wood getting old there. Because if art wants to be alive, it find itself to live, being completely biological, including aging and dying.   

And it is in fact the sensation of imminent disappearance that gives to the total the dense poetical taste, these of a poem that gives to the wood the right to think, to be free and, perhaps, to be able to save itself.  

Philippe Daverio

(extract from the introduction of the catalogue “Artemisia 2006”)