Opera Bosco Museum of Art in Nature

The philosophy

All the site specific works of art are here realized exclusively with local row natural material or eventually with row material “invited” from other places.
Making Art in Nature, here, means working in a sturdy physical relationship with nature, means rediscovering the pleasure of childhood to play with earth and observe that in one square meter of the wood’s undergrowth one can find a much larger diversity of materials than in a large art shop and, above all, it means feeling oneself nature again.
The process of realization and transformation of the work of art has here the same importance than the finish work itself, somehow, like our every day’s life has the same significance than the target we pursue.
The original concept of increasing the standard of the society arose from the idea of a general bettering quality of life. In response to this idea, the infinite mass production of anything without care for the resulting abnormal pollution is a perverse interpretation of it.
The consequential unlimited growth of rubbish is an act of recklessness that produces strange “monuments” delivering to History gigantic works comparable to the antic pyramids for their volume and that can be defined, from the individualistic point of view of “art for art”: conceptual trash that, like the Easter Island’s sculptures, are dragging us to the chasm.
Art in Nature embraces here the conception of a responsible way of production and the works of art are a metaphorical proposition of a new ecological society.
A way to make art that communicates our belonging to the whole, with the pleasure of creating for creating.

Anne Demijttenaere